CareSens glucosemeters, teststrips & lancetten

    CareSens Dual Glucose & Ketones Meter, 100 testStrips en 100 Lancets

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    CareSens Dual glucose meter / ketone meter benefit package consists of:

    Which CareSens test strips do I use with the CareSens Dual ketone meter & glucose meter?


    CareSens Dual Glucose & ketones meter (advantage package)

    Caresens Dual Glucose and ketones meter, including 100 CareSens® Pro strips and 110 lancets. This package consists of: CareSens® Dual blood glucose and ketone meter, lancing pen, CareSens® Pro glucose test strips (100 pieces) and CareSens® N Lancets (110 pieces).

    CareSens® Dual β-ketone & glucose meter can be used in combination with CareSens® Dual PRO glucose test strips & KetoSens β-ketone strips (10/foil pack)

    The handy glucose meter allows you to quickly and easily determine your ketones & glucose levels. The glucose meter has easy data transfer. Using a Bluetooth connection, results can be sent to your mobile phone. Batteries included. You measure with 0.5 µL of blood and get results within 5 seconds. The meter has a memory function to store up to 1,000 readings and can display the average value.

    The accompanying Smartlog app can be found on Google Play or in the App store. Currently, the glucose meter is only available in a mmol/l version. Later, a mg/DL version may be introduced. Using the CareSens® USB cable and the Smartlog Diabetes Management Software, the data from the N Premier glucose meter can be read out on your computer.

    CareSens Dual glucose meter specifications

    Glucose measurement:

    • 0.4㎕/5 seconds
    • 1.1-33.3 mmol/L
    • Haematocrit 15-65%

    β-ketone measurement:

    • 0.5㎕/8 seconds
    • 0.1-8.0 mmol/L
    • Haematocrit 30 - 60%


    • Enzyme: GDH-FAD
    • No coding required
    • Hypoglycaemia indication
    • Strip expiry date indication
    • Test strip eject button
    • LCD backlight
    • 1, 7, 14, 30, 90-test-day average
    • Data port
    • 4 alerts adjustable
    • Bluetooth®SMART (option)
    • 1000 test results memory
    • Two 3.0 V lithium batteries

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