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Zkope HealthCare is a specialist with innovative products focused on the treatment and management of people with diabetes.

Welcome to MyGlucosemonitor

Brands of Myglucosemonitor

CareSens® glucose meters

CareSens® glucose meters are easy to use and offers easy reading. Glucose meters are perfect for people who need an advanced blood glucose testing meter with Bluetooth functionality. With the Bluetooth connectivity you can upload the test results to the SmartLogTM phone app.

HTL Strefa

HTL Strefa produces high quality pen needles (Droplet®), safety lancets (Dropsafe®) and safety pen needles (Acti-Lance®). Full production takes place in Europe.

Dana insulin pump

The Dana-i insulin pump is the latetst pump from Sooil development. Full discrete remote control from smartphone application with the AnyDana application. In addition, in combination with a glucose sensor and a separate algorithm, the pump can function as an automatic insulin dosing system (AID).

CareSens® glucosemeters

The CareSens® glucose meters from i-SENS zijn eenvoudig te bedienen glucosemeters. The CareSens® N Premier and -Dual glucose meter can be connected via Bluetooth to the Smartlog™ application on your smartphone. The SmartLog phone app lets you store your blood glucose and blood ketone results on a compatible mobile phone, ensuring your results will always close at hand.

Stick to skin adhesives and barrier wipes

Skin Tac™ barrier wipes or Skin Glu wipes are wipes with an adhesive and create a barrier layer between your skin and your CGM application, patch pump or insulin pump infusion set. The skin adhesive ensures optimal adhesion of your (diabetes) device.

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Managing Diabetes can be challenging but the simple-to-use CareSens blood glucose meters, helpful software and innovative devices can make day-to-day life just a little bit easier. Myglucosemonitor can support you with skin adhesives and barrier wipes, glucose meters, insulin pumps, pen needles, safety pen needles and safety lancets.

Zkope HealthCare is official distributor from well known brands as Dana insulin pumps, CareSens® glucose meters, Skin Tac™ & Not Just a Patch.

Our product portfolio is built around the products that people with diabetes need, in these choices we regularly follow the advice of our customers.