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    CareSens® Lancets 28g (100 Stuks)

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    Contents CareSens Lancets (28G)

    • 100 CareSens Lancets
    • Manual

    With which lancing pen can I use the CareSens lancets?

    The CareSens lancets are suitable for the CareLance lancing pen.

    The CareSens lancets are compatible with most lancets (suitable for 28G lancets) from most common manufacturers.


    CareSens lancets

    Contents: 100 lancets Lancing pen: Suitable for the CareLance lancing pen and lancing pens from almost all other manufacturers.

    Features CareSens Lancets

    • Lancet diameter: 0.315mm (28G).
    • Lancing depth: Adjustable in 5 positions for different skin thicknesses.
    • Developed to enable the user to set the lancing force according to his/her needs. This allows people with thicker skin to easily prick a blood drop.

    After use, you should store the lancet in a needle container. You can dispose of these as medical waste at e.g. your pharmacy.

    Note: Check which lancing device you have before ordering lancets.

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