Acti-Lance® Safety Lancets

Safety lancets are sterile, single-use devices intended for the capillary blood sampling. Depending on the safety lancets type intended users are healthcare professionals and lay users. The Acti-Lance® safety lancets consist of a holder with a single-use lancet; for pricking capillary blood from the fingertip.

The automatic withdrawal system prevents the sharp needle from remaining exposed after use. This prevents you or anyone else from accidentally pricking themselves.

Acti-Lance® product details: 

Intuitive top push button activation
Concaved design to fit thumb shape, button permanently depresses after use (activation indicator to distinct between used and non-used device).

• Easy to handle
Intuitive activation, low firing force, No lancet loading required, 2 step operation only.

• V-shape body
For convenient finger recess and stable grip within user’s hand.

• Closed body
Assures that the needle stays safely inside the device before and after the puncture which fully protects both patient and user.

• Reliable sterility protector
Completely covers the needle until just few seconds before test. Ergonomic shape guarantees easy twist & pull while preparing for the test.

• Safe
No possibility to reuse.

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