Face mask 3-lyr (50 pcs) Medical

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    • Face Mask: Provides three layers of protection against dust, air pollution and other fine particles. Constructed with a fluid-resistant, non-woven outer layer, a highly absorbent, melt-blown fabric filter middle layer and an ultra-soft, non-woven inner layer for maximum comfort.
    • Breathable Face Mask: Soft, non-woven fabric provides very low resistance to breathing so you can breathe easily while wearing the mask.
    • Comfortable Face Mask: Stretchable, soft elastic ear loops and adjustable nose piece allow the mask to fit easily and comfortably on the face.
    • Disposable Face Mask: Designed for single use only and recommended to be worn for a maximum duration of 8 hours. Perfect for general outdoor, indoor, schools, offices, home and travel use.
    • Hypoallergenic Face Mask: Lightweight fabric is non-irritating to the skin and is latex and fiberglass-free. Masks are blue in color and come in a 50-count box.

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