The DANA Diabecare I insulin pump is an innovative device designed to deliver a stream of insulin under your skin at set and variable rates. The DANA I pump can help you effectively manage your diabetes and prevent diabetes complications.

The DANA I pump communicates with compatible digital devices reliably and securely. With easy-to-use automated insulin dosing software, you can administer bolus injections, change your background insulin, or stop supply when you’re having a hypo, quickly and simply through your smartphone.

Features include:

  • Small and light. Weighing only 62g, it’s easy to carry and hidden in clothing
  • Complete remote control with your smartphone
  • Both Android and iOS applications
  • A large 300 unit reservoir
  • Water-resistant (IPX 68)
  • Integrated glucose metre in the remote control, no need to carry a separate device. This automatically and wirelessly shares results with the DANA pump, saving you time and effort
  • Bolus increments from as little as 0.05 units
  • Remote control with a display and control panel that shows continuous blood glucose monitoring
  • Clear LCD display
  • Bolus calculation: The remote control communicates your blood glucose results wirelessly. This allows you to calculate your bolus dose automatically and adjust your basal dose if necessary
  • You can give a bolus remotely and discreetly without disturbing clothing
  • Vibration alerts and alarms
  • Compatible with CamAPS® FX
  • Compatible with Android APS

The newest technology from Sooil Development is the new Dana-i insulin pump. It is designed to be intelligent, intuitive, innovative and interoperable. The DANA I interacts securely and intelligently with smartphones and other approved Bluetooth devices, enabling it to be controlled remotely and work with closed-loop systems.

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