Android APS

AndroidAPS is an open source app for people living with insulin-dependent diabetes that acts as an artificial pancreas system (APS) on Google Android smartphones. The main components are different openAPS software algorithms which aim to do what a living pancreas does: keeping blood sugar levels within healthy limits by using automated insulin dosing (AID). Additionally, you need at least a supported and FDA/CE approved insulin pump and continuous glucose meter.

The app does NOT use self-learning artificial intelligence. Instead, the calculations of AndroidAPS are based on the individual dosage algorithm and carbohydrate intake the user manually puts into their treatments profile, but they are verified by the system for safety reasons.

The app is not provided in Google Play - you have to build it from source code by yourself for legal reasons.

What do I Need ?

• Personal Computer
• Insulin pump
• (RT)-CGM sensor
• Android mobile phone ( preferable with Android 9 of 10 )

Visit the following website to read  how to use Android Aps. It sometimes takes a while to get all modules for closing the loop. But no worries, there are a lot of things you can do while waiting. It is NECESSARY to check and (where appropriate) adapt basal rates (BR), insulin-carbratio (IC), insulin-sensitivity-factors (ISF) etc. And maybe open loop can be a good way to test the system and get familiar with AndroidAPS. Using this mode, AndroidAPS gives treatment advices you can manually execute.

You can keep on reading through the docs here, get in touch with other loopers online or offline. After gathering information, have a conversation with your healthcare proffesional and discuss the options available to you.

Want to know more about Android APS? Take a look on the Dutch facebook group (Looped-NL-BE) or contact us. We can bring you in contact with an Android APS user. 

A note of caution: AndroidAPS is not regulated by any medical authority in any country. Using AndroidAPS is essentially carrying out a medical experiment on yourself. Setting up the system requires determination and technical knowledge.

The Dutch Diabetes Federation (NDF) written down opinion about DIY-looping. Please find two important highlights below:

• The diabetes healthcare professional's attitude toward DIY APS is neutral. The healthcare professional acts reactively, not proactively
• The diabetes healthcare team has the expertise and knowledge to provide basic information to a person with DM 1 who wants to get started with DIY-APS about the pros and cons of use. If not, the team transfers care to a team that does have that expertise.

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