Vivi Cap

VIVI Cap 1 is the only temperature storage and monitoring pen cap device

With built in insulin temperature indicator that checks temperature status by simply pressing and releasing the sensor button. The temperature sensor indicator will turn on for just a few seconds to show insulin temperature status : Green means insulin has been kept at the required temperature.

VIVI Cap protects insulin from overheating and freezing 24/7/365 days a year. It is scientifically validated and FDA registered. No maintenance or special preparation is needed - just CLICK-N-GO™! Includes insulin temperature indicator - is small and lightweight fits right in your pocket. Lasts for years with unlimited daily use.

VIVI Cap 1 storage and monitoring insulin pen cap for pre-filled and refillable insulin pens

  • Scientifically proven to protect insulin from overheating or freezing
  • Works every day for years with no maintenance
  • Built-in temperature sensor with easy to read temperature indicator
  • Small & lightweight - fits in your purse or pocket
  • No need for water, ice packs, refrigeration or battery charging

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