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For over 50 years, Torbot has been providing the finest ostomy supplies available to the medical community. Torbot manufactures its own line of ostomy products and Compression Garments for Lymphedema, Vascular and Burn patients. Torbot distributes a full line of major brands of products dealing with skin care, wound care and incontinence.

Zkope HealthCare is a distributor for Torbot Group's skin care products and carries the SkinTac adhesive wipes and TacAway remover wipes.

What are Skin Tac Adhesive wipes?

Skin Tac liquid adhesive barrier wipes are Latex-free, hypo-allergenic, clear, non-rubber adhesive barrier wipe.  Prepares the skin for application of tapes, dressings, ostomy appliances, infusion sets, compression stockings, and much more.  This unique “tacky” skin barrier, being latex-free and hypo-allergenic, makes it ideal for patients with sensitive skin. Skin Tac wipes can perfectly be used as barrier wipe for pre-CGM application. Giving the skin extra protection and helping your CGM stick better.


Adhesive Wipes
Barrier Wipes


Latex Free

How do I apply Skin Tac to my skin?

Apply Skin Tac wipes to dry, clean skin by rubbing the cloth over the skin. Allow to air dry. The skin will become sticky. Apply device and/or plaster to the sticky skin. In case of irritation, discontinue use of Skin Tac.

How to get all that extra glue off?
There are several types of plaster remover available. Skin Tacaway are wipes that easily remove adhesive residue from the skin. A box contains 50 packaged wipes and can be easily ordered using the button below.

What is in the box ?
Box of 50 individually wrapped adhesive barrier wipes.

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