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Not Just a Patch - CGM sensor patch - Sensor fixation

Not just a Patch's products are developed by Pete. Pete has type 1 diabetes and during his daily activities he experienced his CGM (Freestyle Libre) coming loose. The thought that his sensor might come loose constantly remained in the back of his mind. Eventually, Pete sat down to think about a solution to avoid losing my sensors and to reduce the anxiety and expense of a replacement.

Pete started making patches to support my CGM sensor, and soon this idea expanded into a bigger one: to make purpose-built patches for others like you. I tested and analyzed different designs, did extensive market testing and the result is Not Just a Patch!

A key design improvement is the “non-stick” back section of the patch. The middle backing section of the NJaP patch doesn’t stick to the actual sensor (only to your skin), allowing you to change the patch as often as you like, without pulling off your sensor. This feature allows complete coverage of the device, meaning that your CGM sensor is always protected, giving you more confidence that your device is staying stuck on your skin.

Other design features added to improve the patch functions:

Why ''Not Just a Patch" to protect your sensor patch?

  • Wave pattern form for skin adhesion and respiration
  • Medical quality hypoallergenic adhesive – No skin irritation;
  • Water resistance – No more worries when swimming;
  • 96% cotton and 4% spandex;
  • Elasticity like skin and muscle – Ready for your favorite activities & sports;
  • Middle piece of the patch stays non-sticky for maximum changeability;
  • Improved sensor lifetime over 10+ days;
  • Compatible with: Freestyle Libre 1 & 2, Dexcom, MiaoMiao, Medtronic Guardian and Omnipod.

Skin Glu Wipes

In addition to Not Just A Patch's patches, Pete also developed Skin Glu Wipes. Skin Glu wipes can be used to help a sensor patch, patch pump or infusion set adhere better to the skin. Use for example for extra attachment to support the patch of Dexcom, medtronic and Libre sensors, or your infusion set.

The wipes forms a sticky, barrier layer on the skin so that a plaster of, for example, a sensor, patch pump or infusion set can adhere better. The hypo-allergenic and latex-free wipe is suitable for sensitive skin. The wipes can also be used to improve the adhesion of other products that are attached to the skin by means of a patch

  • Skin Glu is a barrier wipe used pre-CGM application. Giving the skin extra protection and helping your CGM stick better.
  • Creating a ‘tacky’ surface for CGM adherence
  • Reduces skin reactions by creating a skin barrier
  • Hypoallergenic and latex free
  • Skin Glu + NJaP (Not Just a Patch) for best CGM outcomes.

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