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    CareSens® Dual Βlood glucoses and ketones meter (mg/DL)

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    Being able to monitor both glucose and ketones can be important with type 1 diabetes, and you can do both with the CareSens Dual. To help manage your data, your glucose and ketone levels can be quickly and conveniently transferred via Bluetooth to the SmartLog app on your compatible smartphone. From there you can review and share your monitoring. Test strips required: CareSens PRO for checking glucose levels, KetoSens for checking ketone levels.

    The CareSens Dual meter set also includes:

    • 10 CareSens PRO strips
    • 10 Lancets
    • 1 CareLance Lancing Device

    Product Details

    • CareSens Dual meets the ISO 15197:2013 (the international performance standard for blood glucose monitoring systems)
    • No coding
    • Auto-back lighted LCD screen

    Sample size:

    • For blood glucose: minimum 0.4 µL
    • For blood ketone: minimum 0.5 µL

    Measurement time:

    • For blood glucose: 5 seconds
    • For blood ketone: 8 seconds

    • Strip expiration indicator
    • Strip ejector
    • Compatible with SmartLog software
    • Bluetooth data transfer and data port to download data via a USB cable
    • Pre-meal, post-meal and fasting flags
    • 1,000 readings can be stored with time and date
    • 1, 7, 14, 30, 90-day test averaging (total, pre-meal, post-meal and fasting)
    • Hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia indicators
    • Battery life of 1,000 tests
    • Size: 106 x 58 x 17 (mm)
    • Weight: 72.6 g (battery included)

    Temperature range:

    • For blood glucose: 5 - 45°C
    • For blood ketone: 15 - 30°C
    • Relative humidity range: 10 - 90%

    CareSens Dual matching test Strips

    • CareSens Pro Test Strips
    • KetoSens Ketone Test Strips

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