CareSens glucosemeters, teststrips & lancetten

    CareSens® N Blood Glucose test strips (50 pcs) & CareSens Lancets (100 pcs) promo package

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    Contents CareSens N strips

    • 50 CareSens test strips
    • 100 CareSens lancets
    • Manual (Dutch)

    With which glucose meter can I use the CareSens N test strips?

    The CareSens N test strips can be used with the CareSens N, CareSens N POP and CareSens N Premier glucose meters.


    CareSens N test strips

    CareSens N blood glucose test strips are suitable for the CareSens® N blood glucose meters (CareSens® N, CareSens® POP and CareSens® Premier meter). The CareSens® N glucose meter must only be used with CareSens® test strips and CareSens® control solution. The use of other test strips or control solutions may lead to incorrect results. This meter is currently only available as a mmol/l version. An overview of all CareSens® glucose meters can be found in the menu under information-CareSens® glucose meters.

    Using the CareSens® USB cable and the Smartlog Diabetes Management Software, the data from the CareSens® N Premier glucose meter can be read out on your computer.

    CareSens® N test strips Features

    • 50 strips per pack.
    • Small blood drop required. Blood volume: 0.5 µL.
    • Test result in 5 seconds.
    • Automatic coding.
    • Coding is not required.

    ISO 15197 (2013) & TüV certification.

    Storage of CareSens N Test strips

    • Store test strips at a temperature between +2°C and +33°C
    • Do not freeze
    • Use the test strips at a temperature of between +6°C and +44°C and a relative humidity of between 10% and 90%.
    • Never store the test strips at a high temperature or high humidity such as in the bathroom or kitchen
    • Store the test strips in their original bottle
    • Use the test strip immediately after removing it from the bottle
    • Dispose of the test strips when they have expired.

    CareSens Lancets

    Lancet diameter: 0.315mm (28G).

    Lancing depth: Adjustable in 5 positions for different skin thicknesses.

    Developed to allow the user to set the lancing force according to his/her needs. This allows people with thicker skin to easily prick a blood drop.

    After use, store the lancet in a needle container. You can dispose of this as medical waste at e.g. your pharmacy.

    Note: Check which lancing device you have before ordering lancets.

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