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    Skin Glu Adhesive Wipes (40 Pack)

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    • Skin Glu wipe creates a barrier between your skin and sensor patch
    • Intended as preparation for pre-CGM application.
    • Gives additional protection to the skin and ensures better adhesion of your glucose sensor.
    • Creates an extra sticky surface for better CGM adhesion.
    • Hypoallergenic and latex-free. Reduces skin reactions by creating a skin barrier.
    • Skin Glu combined with Not Just a Patch ensures optimal CGM results.

    Skin Glu adhesive wipes - skin adhesive barrier wipes for your CGM sensor

    Skin Glu cloth to use to make a sensor patch, patch pump or infusion set adhere better to the skin. To be used, for example, for extra attachment to support the patch of Dexcom, Medtronic and Freestyle Libre sensors.

    The cloth forms an adhesive, barrier layer on the skin that allows a plaster from a sensor, patch pump or infusion set, among others, to adhere better. The hypo-allergenic and latex-free wipe is suitable for sensitive skin. The wipes can also be used for better adhesion of other products attached to the skin by a patch.

    One pack of Skin Glu Wipes (NJaP) contains 40 individually wrapped wipes. The products developed by Not Just a Patch give sensor and insulin pump users more comfort and confidence. A good alternative when Skin Tac wipe is not suitable.

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