CareSens® Blood Glucose Meters

I-Sens is a manufacturer of high-quality biosensors for self-monitoring blood glucose systems. There are several patents on I-Sens' biosensor technology products. The company continuously develops and launches new and innovative products in the global market. I-Sens has been supplying hundreds of millions of strips to the US market for years. The product is known for its high quality and accuracy. Their manufacturing facility is one of the largest in the world in terms of production capacity.

The CareSens® glucose meter(s) are easy to use and meet the highest quality standards. For example, you can easily specify whether you are taking a measurement sober, before or after meals. The meters require only a very small drop of blood ( 0,5uL). Of course you can easily read out the results and share them with your healthcare professional.

With the newest meters you can even do this through an easy to use app. The CareSens® products meet the ISO 15197 :2013 standard and have the TÜV Rheinland certificate. Only a few glucose meters in the Netherlands have this test certificate.The CareSens® Blood Glucose Meter together with the Smartlog™ application on your smartphone is an efficient diabetes management system that provides simple and complete diabetes care.

Product Details CareSens® N Premier

Sample size 0.5㎕
5 second measurement time
1,1-33,3 mmol/L
Hemotocrit 15 - 65%
1000 readings can be stored with time and date 


LCD backlight
No coding required
Hypoglycemic indicator
Strip expiration date indicator
1, 7, 14, 30, 90-test days average
Sober, pre-meal and post-meal markers
Bluetooth® smartphone connection
Data port 4 alerts adjustable


CareSens® Smartlog™

The CareSens® Smartlog™ application on your smartphone is available for the CareSens® N Premier Blood Glucose Meter and the CareSens® Dual Blood Ketones and Glucose Meter.

After installing the Smartlog Diabetes Management App in the App store or Google play store, you can connect your phone via Bluetooth to your glucose meter.

Track All Essentials in One Place : 

 Blood glucose value

 Blood 𝛽-ketone value

 Meal flagging

 Meal photo





 Blood Pressure



Sample size 0.5㎕
5 second measurement time
1,1-33,3 mmol/L
Hemotocrit 15 - 65%
500 readings can be stored with time and date 

Product details CareSens® N Pop

Auto back-lighted LCD
Hypoglycemia indicator
Strip expiration date indicator
PP2 alarm(2 hours after meal)
1, 7, 14, 30, 90-day test averages
Post-meal flagging

Product Details CareSens® Dual

 Blood glucose & 𝛽-ketone measurement

 GDH-FAD based test strips for fresh capillary, venous, neonatal and arterial whole blood samples

 Easy data transfer by Bluetooth® wireless communication

• Blood glucose & 𝛽-ketone measurement
• Bluetooth®
• 2.5″ auto back-lighted LCD
• Strip ejection button
• Hypoglycaemia/Hyperglycemia indicator
• Strip expiration date indicator
• Ketone test alarm
• 4 alarms (PP2* and 3 time-set alarms)
*2 hours after meal
• 1, 7, 14, 30, 60, 90-day test averages
• Pre-meal, Post-meal, Fasting, No-mark flagging