Skin Tac Wipes & TacAway wipes (Torbot Group)

    TacAway Remover Wipes (50 pack)

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    TacAway Adhesive Remover Wipes are a convenient, easy to use, one-step adhesive remover. The unique formula of TacAway effectively removes even the most Stubborn adhesive residue, leaving the skin clean and dry. No greasy film!

    Possible uses of Tac Away Remover Wipes

    • TacAway is the perfect wipe to use to clean adhesive residue from your skin.
    • Remove previous adhesive residue from Skin Tac wipes, CGM sensor, infusion set or stoma.
    • Creates a clean surface before applying all types of plasters.
    • TacAway removes sweat residue and oils from your skin.

      TacAway remover wipes are Acetone Free.

    Tac Away Adhesive Remover Wipes by Torbot are made to effectively remove Adhesive residue.Conveniently Removes

    • Adhesives
    • Infusion sets
    • Cements
    • Ostomy Appliances
    • Tapes and Dressings

    Directions TacAway Remover Wipes

    Gently rub TacAway Remover Wipe at the edge of the tape and skin. Slowly pull tape while keeping the wipe at the edge of the adhesive line, working your way to removal. Continue to cleanse skin with wipe until no residue remains. Should irritation occur, discontinue use immediately. For External Use Only.

    TacAway remover wipes are Acetone Free.

    Tobot Group

    The Tobot Group is an American company focused on ostomy supplies, skin care, wound care and incontinence. Zkope HealthCare is distributor for the skin care products of the Torbot Group and has the SkinTac adhesive wipes and TacAway remover wipes in its assortment.

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