Insuline pennaalden & veiligheidslancetten (HTL Strefa)

    Droplet® Insulin pen needles 5mm 32g (100 PCS)

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    Insulin pen needles with a length of 5 MM and thickness of 32 gauge.

    Package content

    ·          100 pieces

    ·          Multilanguage Manual (Dutch, French, English and many more)

    Used for

    Droplet®, sterile, single-use pen needles intended for use with pen injector devices for the subcutaneous injection of drugs. Sterility is guaranteed if the needle seal is unbroken. The tip of the needle may be damaged with reuse.


    Droplet® pen needles proactively address:

    • easy adjustment and use

    • greater convenience

    • insulin delivery precision

    • compatible with most of the available pen injectors

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