Insuline pennaalden & veiligheidslancetten (HTL Strefa)

    Acti-Lance safety lancets Universal 23G (200 pcs)

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    Acti-Lance® safety lancets are sterile medical devices intended for single-use capillary blood sampling. Easy to use for both professionals and private individuals.


    Acti-Lance® safety lancets

    Lancing without a lancing pen. Maximum safety for both professionals and home users. With 23G thickness, 1.8mm depth.

    Instructions for use Acti-Lance®: Remove the protective cap with a twisting movement. Press the Acti-Lance® against the desired area and press firmly. Press the lancing button to activate the lancing mechanism. Use the blood drop for blood measurement and dispose of the single-use safety lancet according to the procedure within your healthcare facility.

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