Dana-i Diabecare insulin pump startset

    Dana-i Diabecare insulin pump

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    Dana-i Diabecare insulin pump

    The newest technology from Sooil Development is the Dana-i insulin pump. It is designed to be intelligent, intuitive, innovative and interoperable. The DANA I interacts securely and intelligently with smartphones and other approved Bluetooth devices, enabling it to be controlled remotely and work with closed-loop systems.

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    Dana-i insulin pump technical specifications

    • 97 x 47 x 220 mm (included Reservoir dop)
    • 86 grams (including AAA batterij)
    • Reservoir: 300 units (3.0 ML)
    • Warranty: 4 years
    • Battery lifetime: 3-4 weeks
    • Waterproof: IP68 Bolus
    • Memory Recallbolus (500), prime (100), daily totals (200)
    • AnyDana A for Android and AnyDana I for iOS Smartphone applications allow for full pump remote control from the users own smartphone.
    • Interoperable artificial pancreas pump compatible with CamAPS FX & Android APS.

    Dana-i bolus and basal


    • Number of profiles: 4
    • Number of rates per profile: 24 per day, hourly
    • Minimum basal rate; 0.04 eenheid / uur
    • Basal increment: 0.01 unit/hr or 0.1 unit/hr


    • Main meal calculator & carbs only snack calculator
    • Bolus types: Step; Dual Pattern & Extended (30 mins-8hrs)
    • Increments: 0.05u;0.1u; 1.0u
    • Duration: 12, 30 or 60 seconds per unit
    • Dual pattern bolus; Quick and Extended bolus elementauto adusts if one element is changed
    • Carbo/Bolus calculation Program
    • Snack Bolus Function
    • 4 Missed meal bolus alerts

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