Help, my CGM sensor is falling off! How to solve the problem. 
Does your sensor come off before the due date? While some people have to pull very hard to get their sensor off their arm, Pete’s, (the founder of “Not Just a Patch”) CGM found that swimming and yoga and general daily activities caused my CGM (Freestyle Libre) to come loose. That’s why he designed Not Just a Patch.

Why does the sensor let go and what can I do to make a sensor infusion set patch adhere better?
It depends on your skin type how well the adhesive in the plaster adheres to your skin. But daily activities and water contact or sweat also affect the adhesive layer. 

• Do not use body lotion, oil or a whole nourishing shower cream just before a change. Sensors and infusion sets can come off within an hour. 
• Do not use fatty crèmes or lotions before replacing your infusion or sensor. 
• Do not forget to clean your skin with an alcohol wipe or shave the site if there is hair growth before applying the sensor. So prepare well and let it dry well before applying your sensor! 
• Use Skin Tac wipes or SkinGlu to create an intermediate layer between your skin and the plaster. 

We are all different and have no other choice than to experiment till we find the best possible methods. Finally, the adhesion of the sticker can also be influenced by the place where you put the sensor on your body; in some places clothing can rub along the plaster or there is more tension on the skin. 

What else? 
In addition to the tips above to ensure a sensor or infusion set stays attached better, you can also use supported products. There are many types of products available that can help, however, we think the products of Not Just a Patch are a great solution: 

Skin Glu Wipes 
Skin Glu is a hypo-allergenic and latex-free wipe to be used to make a sensor patch, patch pump or infusion set adhere better to the skin. To be used for example to support extra attachment of the Dexcom, Medtronic and Libre sensor patch. 

• Skin Glu is a barrier wipe used pre-CGM application. Giving the skin extra protection and helping your CGM stick 
• Creating a ‘tacky’ surface for CGM adherence 
• Hypoallergenic and latex free 
• Reduces skin reactions by creating a skin barrier 
• Skin Glu + NJaP (Not Just a Patch) for best CGM outcomes.  

NotJustaPatch (NJaP)

• Wave pattern form for skin adhesion and respiration; 
• Medical quality hypoallergenic adhesive – No skin irritation; Water resistance – No more worries when swimming; 96% cotton and 4% spandex; 
• Elasticity like skin and muscle – Ready for your favorite activities & sports; 
• Middle piece of the patch stays non-sticky for maximum changeability; 
• Improved sensor lifetime over 10+ days; Compatible with: Freestyle Libre, Dexcom, MiaoMiao, Omnipod and Medtronic Guardian 

How to get all that extra glue off? 
There are several types of plaster remover available. Skin Tacaway are wipes that easily remove adhesive residue from the skin. A box contains 50 packaged wipes and can be easily ordered using the button below.

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