What is CamAPS FX?

CamAPS® FX is the advanced adaptive hybrid closed-loop app that automatically adjusts insulin delivery on your insulin pump based on your sensor glucose readings. Developed at the University of Cambridge. Considered by many as ‘the best algorithm out there’.

Randomised clinical trials have shown a significant increase in time in range, a reduction in HbA1c, as well as a reduction in time spent in hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia and improved well-being. 


The algoritme is CE gecertificeerd as hybride closed loop systeem. The app has been extensively tested in clinical trials and approved for use including in the EU. The CE certification is approved for people with diabetes, aged 1 year and older.

CamAPS FX is available in selected diabetes clinics or to those who self-fund and undergo online training.

The Dana-I insulin pump is developed as ACE insulin pump (Alternate Controller Enabled). The DANA I interacts securely and intelligently with smartphones and other approved Bluetooth devices, like hybrid closed loop systems.

It is the world’s first interoperable insulin pump, making meaningful connections with third-party devices and software to improve your blood sugar monitoring.

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